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Policy Statements

Equality and Diversity Policy

Holdfast is a modern and caring employer and one that embraces and adheres to the equal opportunities and diversity policies. We recognise that we are not all the same and that a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture are good for business and should be encouraged.

We will not discriminate against employees on grounds of their race, religious belief, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or other considerations that do not affect their ability to carry out their duties. Furthermore we have a clear commitment to a working environment free from all forms of discrimination, harassment and intimidation as they undermine our values, standards and performance.

We believe that people with disabilities should have fair consideration for all vacancies and should be supported and encouraged in their application and to achieve progress once employed. We will make reasonable adjustments wherever practicable to accommodate their needs.


Quality - BS 9001 Accredited

To achieve our strategic goal of being the ‘Best in Class’ training and service provider, we must behave as a responsible company and operate with openness, honesty and integrity. Our success will be built on exceeding customer expectations, valuing our people, seizing opportunities and by encouraging innovation and creativity. To enable us to do this, it is important that we recruit suitably qualified people therefore we will seek to recruit, retain and develop the best talent we can. Key to our success is the maintenance of effective customer relations, the development of our people and organisation, management of our supply chain and improvement of our shareholder and stakeholder value.


Environmental - BS 14001 Accredited

We recognise how important it is to protect our environment and are committed to operating responsibly and in accordance with legal requirements. We will carry out all measures reasonably practicable to meet, exceed or develop these requirements and will seek to continually improve our environmental performance through a series of measures including training our staff in environmental issues, minimising our waste production, both material and energy and the promotion of recyclable and renewable materials.


Partnering - BS 11000 Accredited

For the RSME PPP Contract to be successful, it is essential that there is a strong partnering relationship across the RSME Group between the Royal Engineers and Holdfast and its stakeholders. We recognise that we must commit the right resources to developing the relationship and that we must form inter-dependencies.

Consequently we have developed shared goals and objectives and are sharing information and resource by default unless there is a clear reason not to. We believe that the key behaviours vital to the success of the partnership are:


Holdfast and the RSME have already forged a strong bond based on open and honest communication and an ever growing confidence in Holdfast’s ability to deliver. Through our joint working environment where many staff are collocated, the sharing of governance procedures and by driving staff behaviours this bond will only strengthen further.