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Training Delivery

Holdfast is very much involved in the prime function of the RSME Group – training delivery. Approximately 50% of the  training at Chatham and Minley is delivered by almost 200 Holdfast instructors primarily to the Corps of Royal Engineers personnel. Between them, the instructors deliver over 350,000 training days per annum across a spectrum of ages, ranks, abilities and course types from those aimed at Sappers just embarking on their military careers to officers, senior and junior non-commissioned officers at later stages of their careers. Holdfast also supports and delivers specialist training to other Arms and Services of the Army, and the other Armed Forces. All courses are focused on the operational requirements of the Royal Engineers, wider Army and Defence and have the flexibility to change to meet their emerging needs.

All course graduates obtain a military engineering qualification however some also gain recognised civilian qualifications ranging from a NVQ for some artisan trades to a Master of Science for professional engineering training.

This diversity of training, our instructors’ experience and subject knowledge and the quality of training output all combine to make the RSME a highly regarded & renowned military engineering training establishment. However, in common with other military training establishments, there is a need and considerable scope to continually develop better and more efficient training to ensure that training delivery remains cost effective and operationally relevant both now and well into the future.