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Training Development

As a partner in a training establishment that has a proud 200 year heritage in engineering, innovation and training, we have made it our priority to provide efficient and effective student centric training.

In 2009, the Corps of Royal Engineers had a regular Army establishment of some 9,700 situated globally and of these approximately 4000 personnel completed some form of training at the RSME during the year. With such large numbers of personnel passing though the RSME on an annual basis, it is essential that quality of the training remains high, accessible and current.

Training development at the RSME is focused on the transformation of training in order that personnel may be provided with the best training to meet their needs and those of the Field Army. Holdfast will build on the RSME’s historic foundations through the integration of new learning methodologies and technologies so that the RSME can better focus its training to meet operational requirements. We have implemented an Enhanced Learning Environment that offers students a different learning experience; it gives the learner the opportunity to undertake self paced learning as well as carryout pre-reading before arriving on their course and the ability to reach back into the RSME throughout their career.  

Additionally we have undertaken a review of the training pipeline to establish those elements of training that must be delivered, those that should be delivered and those that could be delivered. This approach will yield improved effectiveness and efficiency with soldiers being better trained and more highly motivated but, most importantly, in the majority of cases, spending less time training thereby increasing the Field Army’s operational capacity.