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Training Support

The wide variety and level of training undertaken requires much planning.  From, scheduling, design, development, resourcing and administration to statistical analysis and course evaluation, accurate and timely planning is critical to the success of the training delivery. Much of the training is mapped out to 5 years, but the planning system, although multifaceted, is flexible enough to meet the ever changing demands of Defence. 

Holdfast uses a number of software tools to schedule the 195 courses run each year, to manage and allocate the accommodation and other key resources required, and to communicate with prospective students. This is backed up by regular planning meetings with those responsible for delivering each course, and by direct communication to deal with the myriad of minor details that have to be got right in order to successfully train.

Training Planning is a complex but vital operation which ensures that the training requirement  each year is fully delivered thereby meeting the operational requirements of the Army and wider Defence.