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Partnering - BS 11000 Certified

For the RSME PPP Contract to be successful, it is essential that there is a strong partnering relationship across the RSME Group, but especially between the Royal Engineers and Holdfast and its stakeholders. We recognise that we must commit the right resources to developing the relationship and that we must form inter-dependencies.

Consequently in conjunction with the RSME, we have developed shared goals and objectives and are sharing information and resource by default unless there is a clear reason not to.

We believe that the key behaviours vital to the success of the partnership are:

  • Co-operation
  • Openness
  • Sharing
  • Trust

Holdfast and the RSME have already forged a strong bond based on open and honest communication which has been cemented by the RSME's ever growing confidence in Holdfast’s ability to deliver. And through a working environment where many staff are collocated, the sharing of governance procedures and appropriate staff behaviours this bond will only strengthen further.

On 14th May 2014, at the Institute of Collaborative Working's annual reception held at the Houses of Parliament, we were formally presented with the BS 11000 certificate for Collaborative Working.  The presentation was made by Maureen Summer Smith, UK managing Director BSI and the award was only the 54th such presentation to a UK organisation.  On 1st March 2017, the international standard, ISO 44001 was published replacing BS 11000; Holdfast is currently transitioning to this new standard.  Aligned with the high level structure that covers all ISO management standards ISO 44001 incorporates the eight stage lifecycle model that was the basis for BS 11000 and is key to Holdfast's strong working relationship with the RSME, namely:

  • Operational awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Internal assessment
  • Partner selection
  • Working together
  • Value creation
  • Staying together
  • Exit strategy implementation

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